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Leaking Faucets and Toilets

Leaking Faucets and Toilets – Portland, Oregon

People may consider it a small thing, but it really is amazing just how annoying a little leak can get with that constant drip, drip, drip that manages to always somehow get your attention and then refuse to let it go no matter how hard you try to ignore it. You’re not only looking at high water bills because of the continual running, but what about pipe corrosion or damage to your pipe system? These are legitimate concerns and you shouldn’t have to worry about this because of a drip or even worse, a steady flow that won’t shut off completely. Whether it’s your kitchen or bathroom sink that’s the offending party, you can count on the experienced professionals at Best Portland Plumbers to get the job fast and get it done right.

When you call our professionals you won’t only get your main problems fixed, but you get relax and rest easy knowing that our professionals are experienced, skilled, and take pride in offering both fast and friendly service on each and every single one of our jobs!

Dealing with Leaking Faucets and Toilets

The first thing you need to do in order to deal with a leak problem is first recognize that there is one. Learning to spot the signs of a water faucet leak isn’t hard and it will help you to watch over your home and make sure there isn’t a much worse problem right around the bend.

The obvious culprit starts with drips. Dripping is often one of the first and most common signs. Because of the annoying nature of a dripping faucet, chances are that you’ll notice this sign relatively early on but sometimes that’s not always the case, especially with a slow drip. It never hurts to check all your faucets every once in a while, including those that you don’t use quite as often.

Puddles of water or dampness where it looks like water is gathering or was absorbed are also bad signs. These are more common underneath the actual pipe and you will have to do a little bit of searching and pay a lot of attention to make sure you catch all of them since these are often behind closed cabinet doors. Don’t ignore these they can mean there are serious problems right around the corner.

Rust is another issue to look at. Rust is always going to be an issue because it is indicating actual damage. This can occur on the pipes, around the drains, on metal shower heads, or anywhere along the pipe or faucet. Rust can appear anywhere and it’s important to not ignore it. Good repairs can go a long way to helping you out.

Then look at the higher water bill. Many times when your water bill keeps shooting up it is important to realize that it might not be you who is just using more water or rising prices. There is a pretty good chance that if your water bills seem to keep climbing for no specific reason that a leaking faucet or some leaky pipes might be the culprit. Don’t stand for higher bills take care of your pipes so your home will naturally take care of your pocket book.

Beware of squeaky faucets! When you’re dealing with squeaky faucets that tend to keep making noise when you turn them on or off, that can indicate that a problem is coming and not everything is lined up right. Have this checked out and you may find that just a little bit of preventative maintenance now can go a long way towards making sure you’re not paying for major repairs or a major overhaul.

Finally, be aware of smells. The smell of must, mold, or even rotting food can be an early indication of a leak somewhere. If you specifically smell rotten eggs then you need to be careful and quickly make the call to our specialists to make sure there is not a gas leak as rotten eggs can sometimes be a serious indication of that serious issue that’s going on.

Tell-Tale Signs You Have a Leaking Toilet

First of all, listen for weird noises. Bubbling or groaning sounds are a bad sign, and if after every time you flush you hear a vibrating or a shaking sound, then it’s possible your water pipes are loose inside the wall and need to be worked on before they all out burst.

Second, look for water anywhere on the bathroom floor. It could be small amounts that seem to gather around the toilet itself or it could be damp areas anywhere around the wall, the trim, or the floor. You never know where this water is going to come from, but it’s a sign there’s some type of an issue in the room. This can also lead to pumps in the floor or uneven tiling. You want to have these things checked out early to get any water issues fixed early.

Signs You Are Experiencing a Leaking Water Heater

  • Small puddles of water or even just moisture near the base of the tank
  • Uneven flooring, specifically shifting, raised, or dropped tiling around the water heater itself
  • Any strange noises, especially when you hear water running or dripping in any fashion
  • Lack of hot water

Tracking Down Washing Machine Hoses Leaks

There are many different signs that you could be dealing with a leaking washing machine hose. These aren’t a big deal to fix, but you do need to make sure they’re taken care of because these can create major problems if they’re not taken care of.
Watch out for:

  • Musty or moldy smells
  • Pools of water around the washing machine
  • Rusted hose connections
  • Loose hose connections
  • Any misshapen hoses or connections

Call Best Portland Plumbers to Fix Your Leak

No matter what your issue, you can count on Portland Plumbers to take care of you and your home. From emergency 24/7 service to basic maintenance and checkups, you can count on us to get it done right!